360° Feedback

Get people talking about what matters

What if your 360° feedback process did more than provide honest, confidential feedback? What if it created a safe environment where team dynamics take giant steps forward as peers choose to share their strengths and weaknesses and work together to find solutions?

We offer an innovative approach to 360° feedback that is designed not only to elevate individual performance, but also to encourage the day-to-day openness and dialogue needed to raise organizational competency around targeted behaviors. Information is gathered, packaged and delivered in a format that enables participants to receive, internalize and act upon information in a positive environment that is focused on achieving results.
The first time we set up a large group process for receiving and processing 360° feedback, we hoped the environment we created would encourage folks to be receptive to feedback – and engage in open, honest dialogue with coaches. Did we ever set our sights too low! During time when we expected participants to spend private moments exploring their feedback and action items, they instead formed impromptu groups with peers, sharing feedback – the good and the not-so-easy-to-admit. Culture was transformed. Folks who had serious reservations about receiving feedback found themselves embracing the opportunity to talk with others about challenges. They were willing to be vulnerable, thus advancing team trust to levels that exceeded our expectations.