“They sent me to drain the swamp, but the alligators keep biting!”

Do you ever find yourself wading through myriad urgent issues while the big, important challenges remain unresolved? Sometimes you have to escape from the day-to-day fires and create time to strategically and thoroughly address the big opportunities. When you set aside time for meaningful discussion, how do you know when you need help with facilitation?

The Top 5 Signs You Need a Facilitator

  • You are discussing the same problem (or problems!) for the 100th time, having made no measurable progress the previous 99 times.
  • You want to look at challenges in new ways and make strategic breakthroughs in thinking.
  • You worry that team dysfunction will impede your ability to find solutions. Are there gorillas in your midst?
  • You have diverse and brilliant minds ready to solve problems – it’s just that overseeing a meeting of these minds is like herding cats!
  • You are concerned about gaining 100% support for the solution the team chooses.

What are the keys to successful facilitation?

  • Prior to the session understand what success looks like – what changes in behavior or results do you want to see immediately following the meeting, one week later, one month later, six months later?
  • Anticipate and plan to overcome barriers to acheiving the defined success measures.
  • Create an open and energizing environment for dialogue.
  • Recognize and remove gorillas.
  • Create clear action plans with built in accountability.