Meet the Principals

Cathy Morrison and Lori Bryan combine expertise in designing and implementing successful solutions for clients with an understanding of business gained from more than 30 years of front line business experience. During their tenure as corporate employees, they managed the initiatives of diverse groups, including marketing, inventory control, logistics, merchandising, creative, human resources and organizational development staff, enhancing their ability as consultants to deliver pragmatic and effective solutions in the workplace.

Commitment to Core Principles

At Common Purpose, we offer an array of organizational and team development services. Our success in all areas is based on consistent application of core principles:
  • Address difficult issues in a way that neutralizes emotion and creates opportunity to solve through analysis and problem solving.
  • Solve for the root cause, not symptoms.
  • Build action planning with accountability into every encounter.
  • Create solutions tailored to deliver results against the client’s unique needs.
  • Have a detailed plan, and adapt to participant needs to ensure the greatest return on investment.
  • Teach them to fish – strengthen participants’ ability to achieve objectives ongoing.


  • MBTI Qualified
  • True Colors Certified, Member of True Colors Corporate Team, Master Certification in Conflict Resolution
  • Insight Inventory
  • DISC
  • Situational Leadership